Completion of Lit Sung Gong Lion Mask Preservation

Jun 6, 2022

OBJECT T146Ceremonial Lion Mask, Lit Sung Goong Collection

After more than a year away receiving vital conservation treatment, CADCAI’s oldest surviving Lion mask has been returned in a happier and stabilised condition.

CADCAI is grateful to the COPLAND FOUNDATION for generously funding the Project and to SORENSON ART CONSERVATION for the hundreds of hours of  skilled and dedicated conservation work.

The Lion Mask (T146) is a bespoke object, likely made in Hong Kong in the 1950s or 60s. Prior to treatment its conditon was extremely fragile.  The bamboo frame was broken in some places and the papier-mache was brittle, dry and flaky, making the object difficult to move and store safely.

The Lion Mask has now been completed and stabilised. After an investigative process, gels and adhesives were used with tissues paper and Tyvek to stabilise, repair and strengthen the original materials used in the mask.  Areas that are restored are the teeth of the lion mask and the nose.

The entire project equated to 98 hours of conservation treatment time.

Restoration vs. Conservation

“The driving principle and approach for this project was to salvage as much original material as possible, while adding strength and integrity to areas that were heavily compromised and degraded.

On a whole this treatment approach was achieved and is the very definition of conservation.”

– Conservator, Melanie Sorenson

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Photo Credit: Neil Mitchell Brierly 1945, Cairns Victory Parade, Grafton St,  Cairns 

Cairns & District Chinese Association Inc

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