The Chinese New Year Festival is a time of great joy and excitment as the city comes alive with red lanterns,  performing lions and dragons,  drumming  and percussion,  music and fireworks.

 The Cairns Chinese New Year festival is organised by the Cairns and District Chinese Association Inc. (CADCAI). This year we celebrate the Year of the Dragon with a variety of  public events held over a 15 – day period.   The Chinese New Year festival is a wonderful opportunity for the region to share and celebrate north Queensland’s rich Chinese history and culture and tonacnowledge the contributioon of  Chinese migrants and their descendants.

Highlights include spectacular Chinese  lion and dragon dance performances at the Cairns dining Precinct and Lagoon Plaza, a Chinese New Year Banquet, a Yum Cha and the brilliant Chinese New Year Lantern Festival and fireworks finale held at the end of the 15 day celebration.

Cairns Chinese New Year is  supported by the Queensland Government through Multicultural Affairs Queensland,  Cairns Regional Council and a number of local Cairns businesses and media groups.

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Cairns & District Chinese Association Inc

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